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A Post For Dana! [Aug 23, 2005 * 10:51am]
Dear Dana,

Today is your birthday! For those who don't know who Dana is, quebelly is a nice start. She is the world's nicest girl. She was on of my first livejournal friends and she has been there for me for a while. She introduced me to PGSM, she gave me tips and even advice. She is a geniunely a kind person with great design skills, smart wit, amazing book smarts and a warm heart. I don't know if she can add you right now but if she could she would. She is just that great of a person. And that is why I love Dana! Happy Birthday.

And a birthday would not be..Collapse )

ETA: I was going to make you a soundtrack but I remember, I use AOL currently. Cable is coming Wednesday though! :)

And guys don't feel left out, I love you all. This is just because Dana *was* one of my first Livejournal friend. And that says a lot cause this journal is over a year old.
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KFC = Kelly Fucking Clarkson [Aug 18, 2005 * 7:27pm]
I want to do the photo meme again. So be vague and see what happens. EXAMPLE: Something that makes you tired. GRANTED, I won't take pictures for everything you ask me to.

Kelly Clarkson For MeijerCollapse )
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Rilo Kiley tidbits [Jul 24, 2005 * 11:16am]
Ok. I've decided to post some small parts (or in one case the whole) lyrics of Rilo Kiley songs. (The ones I like a lot).

I will most likely add more, as the time goes by, feel free to give some of your FAVORITE parts of a song (you know like a line of lyric that hits you) of ONLY Rilo Kiley. :)

This Will Be Added To My ResourcesCollapse )

[Apr 19, 2005 * 12:46pm]

Check that out! If you don't? I'll be extremely sad. But, love!

Blogs [Mar 2, 2005 * 7:23pm]
Since Blogrolling to me, is annoying. I made a list. Here it is.

Blogs!Collapse )

If you think your blog or any blog should be featured, OR you can think of another category that should be added (because 2 or more of the blogs could fit under that one better) than comment here.

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We found a new kinda dance in a magazine [Feb 28, 2005 * 2:52pm]
Oscar thoughts

And yet we still can't smileCollapse )

ETA: Grey's Anatomy looks SO good. It was shown in a commercial after the Oscars reached 11:27. I LOVE that Isabel is on it. Or Katherine Heigl to be more precise.
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[Feb 9, 2005 * 3:25pm]

Clarissa Explains It All

Two highly anticipated dvd on boxsets coming soon!

Oh, if you want to stay on my list COMMENT HERE

PS: I'm not back from my hiatus, YET. But please comment if you want to stay.

ETA: Comment with someone you think I should friend, and tell me why. And I'll reply with someone you should friend and tell YOU why. (with if you want to be kept)

Remember, if you DONT want to be kept, just don't comment. If you have friends in common, remind them. I'm sticking to what I'm saying.

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We got more bounce in California [Feb 4, 2005 * 6:28pm]
Music Blogs

Good free RSS reader: KINJA

Music Blogs
Teaching The Indie Kids To Dance Again
Music For Robots
Search And Delete
Sounds Of Sweden
Bang And Burn
Boom Selection
GrapeJuice Plus
Just For A Day
Raised By The Radio
Brian's Radio Blog


Got any more? Comment here and I'll add a link. Save this to your memories, I tend to post public posts A LOT.
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[Nov 16, 2004 * 4:49pm]
Happy Birthday bliccy

May your day be filled with hot doctor sex memories of green gum! LOVE.

[Oct 7, 2004 * 5:13pm]
Happy Birthday Dear.......
outoftime outoftime outoftime outoftime
How I love you! ;)

*goes off to make some icons for her*
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